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How do we define pleasure?

February 20, 2023
Although ‘pleasure’ is a word commonly thrown around in the 21st Century lexicon, its actual meaning can be illusive. We know that it refers to some feeling of deep satisfaction and enjoyment. We ...
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Five common sex dreams explained

February 07, 2023
Waking up from a sex dream can be weird. Sometimes they’re super blissful and erotic, sometimes they’re unhinged nightmares. Most dreams are deeply personalised and unique (has anyone else had the ...
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Staying connected during a fight

January 17, 2023
In the midst of an argument with someone you love, it can be near impossible to look on the bright side. But often, there is a bright side. Or at the very least, an opportunity for learning. In pa...
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Erotic fiction by an AI bot

December 16, 2022
Artificial intelligence, or AI, is changing and shaping the future of just about every industry. Terrifying, yes. But horny?… maybe. We gave an AI writing system the prompt, “write a 400 word erot...
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10 Days of Blissmas

December 15, 2022
This year we’ve put together a ten-day holiday guide dedicated to expanding your pleasure, enhancing your sexuality, and improving your self-confidence. Masturbation on each of these days is, of c...
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