The Talk

Introducing LBDO Vitality

November 26, 2021
Yep, we’re launching into a vitamin range! Nope, it’s not what you think.  We can’t wait to introduce you to the newest member of our LBDO family. But as exciting as it is for us to tell you all ab...
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What’s your sexual fantasy?

November 12, 2021
Amidst the chaos and rhythms of everyday life, we don’t often take the time to sit with and indulge in our fantasies. Sharing them can be intimate and sensual and savoring them on our own can be a...
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Sex and your mental health

October 27, 2021
At around 18 months into a global pandemic, the phrases ‘self care’ and ‘mental health’ have naturally worked their way into our everyday vernacular. After centuries of stigmatisation, taboo and s...
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Pillow Talk with Bridget Gao-Hollitt

October 18, 2021
Welcome to Pillow Talk, a series of chats with some of our favourite creatives, activists, artists and designers. We discuss everything from their experiences with sexual wellness to what’s on thei...
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Coming out as nonbinary to a three-year-old

October 02, 2021
May is a 20 year old gender studies student, now living out of home but close with their three-year-old half sister, Georgie. May is nonbinary, and uses they/them pronouns - not particularly uncom...
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A sexuality education reading list for adults

September 21, 2021
Some of us got a stellar sexuality education from fantastic adults in our lives. The rest of us (read: most of us) had to fill in the gaps ourselves.  Whether you are still filling in some major ga...
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