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Sharehouse etiquette: masturbation

July 30, 2022
Privacy is hard to come by when you’re living in a sharehouse. Masturbation is an important part of sexual wellness, but it can be hard to relax and enjoy your ‘alone time’ when your housemate is f...
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Pregnancy and penetration

July 14, 2022
If you broadly assumed that penetrative sex, whether with a penis or toy, is safe while pregnant - you’d be right...ish. The simple answer is yes, but there are certain caveats, hows and whys tha...
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6 ways to combat bi erasure

June 22, 2022
Bi erasure is a pervasive problem that occurs when the existence or legitimacy of bisexuality, either in general or in regard to an individual, is questioned or outright denied. Bi erasure is real...
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Dating post lockdown

May 27, 2022
It’s not just you - sex and dating feel different too. Many lockdown romances have run their course, and some people have found themselves recently single. While we commend those who have sprung ba...
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Interview with a unicorn

May 25, 2022
In mythology, they are rare, magical and hard-to find creatures. In relationships, they are not too dissimilar. A ‘unicorn’ is any person who is intimate with a couple, whether that means joining...
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Living and dealing with performance anxiety

May 25, 2022
Performance anxiety can be caused by many factors; fear that you won’t satisfy your partner sexually, poor body image, concerns surrounding the time of orgasm, fear of not orgasming, problems in yo...
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5 ways to ask for consent

May 13, 2022
Consent has always been the most important part to sex, but in recent years, it has formed a focal point in education. While some people have (attempted) to argue it “kills a mood”, or “can be awk...
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What you need to know about scissoring

May 10, 2022
Scissoring used to get a bad rap. It was the butt of jokes. It was a trope used in popular culture to hyper-sexualise queer women and vulva owners. It was a mythological sex position invented sole...
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