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Staying connected during a fight

January 17, 2023
In the midst of an argument with someone you love, it can be near impossible to look on the bright side. But often, there is a bright side. Or at the very least, an opportunity for learning. In pa...
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Speaking your partner’s love language

November 08, 2022
Gary Chapman’s bestselling book ‘The Five Love Languages’ (1982) outlines his theory that each person has a primary language through which they communicate and feel love. These five love language...
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Ten everyday aphrodisiacs

November 07, 2022
We’re all familiar with the quintessential aphrodisiacs; oysters, champagne, and strawberries – but what everyday foods, if any, stimulate our sexual vitality? Here’s a list of ten edible aphrodi...
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LBDO’s guide to postpartum sex

November 07, 2022
Pregnancy and childbirth are different for everyone. After welcoming your newborn, sex may well be the last thing on your mind. Or you might be keen to resume your regular sex life, particularly if...
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Aftercare and how to do it

October 05, 2022
After sex, do you ever feel vulnerable, emotional, unfulfilled or far away from your partner, even though they’re lying right next to you? Let’s talk about aftercare.  Aftercare is a term referrin...
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Five long-distance date ideas

September 29, 2022
Long-distance relationships are more common now than ever. In fact, migration statistics show that Australians are bringing more than 50,000 foreign partners to the country every year. But how do...
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Dealing with sexual rejection

September 22, 2022
Obtaining informed, enthusiastic consent before any sexual act is not just essential - it’s sexy. But what happens when consent is not forthcoming? How do we move forward without getting caught up...
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