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6 Ways To Combat Bi Erasure

June 22, 2022
Bi erasure is a pervasive problem that occurs when the existence or legitimacy of bisexuality, either in general or in regard to an individual, is questioned or outright denied. Bi erasure is real...
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Interview with a Unicorn

May 25, 2022
In mythology, they are rare, magical and hard-to find creatures. In relationships, they are not too dissimilar. A ‘unicorn’ is any person who is intimate with a couple, whether that means joining...
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The Disputed History of the Vibrator

January 04, 2021
The origin story of the vibrator has been retold again and again in TV shows, plays, documentaries and films for the past 20 years. But the tale, as we have come to know it, might not actually be ...
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