Let’s talk about edging

Edging. Ever heard of it? You most likely have - we’re always talking about the newest, greatest way to have bigger, better orgasms. Edging has been not-so-quietly doing the trick for centuries. Don’t let us tease you (yet). Read on. 

What is edging? 

Edging involves sexually stimulating someone to the brink of orgasm and then stopping, denying that orgasmic release. The goal of edging is usually to prolong someone's sexual enjoyment and intensify the eventual orgasm. 

What does edging involve? 

Like sex, edging can be enjoyed alone or with a partner. Someone may use their hands or a vibrator to bring themselves to the edge and then stop stimulation completely. Or, they may continue stimulation in another area or with decreased intensity. 

While not a kink itself, edging is a common practice in BDSM. Sometimes referred to as ‘orgasm denial’, the focus in this context is on bringing someone to the point of pleasure and then controlling if, when, and how intensely they ultimately orgasm. 

What are the benefits of edging? 

The most apparent benefit of edging is clear from the squillions of anecdotes of people who have used it to achieve the most powerful and intense orgasms of their lives. But the benefits of edging don’t stop there. 

Edging can also help you build confidence in your pleasure, be more mindful during the stimulation process, feel more connected to your body (or, if you are playing with a partner, someone else's), and discover your sexual hotspots. 

It is also a commonly recommended treatment for people struggling with erectile dysfunction, as it’s a straightforward but effective technique to help people regain control of their arousal and orgasms. 

How can you get started? 

If you've decided to dip your toe, an excellent way to start edging is by practising on yourself during masturbation. Start by setting the mood, then take your time building that arousal. Edging is all about tension, anticipation, and release. Tune in to your arousal level and notice as it starts to build. When you find yourself approaching orgasm, take those hands off the wheel. Slow your roll until you’re no longer on the brink. After a brief intermission, start rebuilding arousal. Rinse and repeat as many times as you can handle. Eventually, stimulate yourself to the point of no return and let yourself give way to the pleasure. 

If you’re playing with a partner, give them clear directions to the edge and don't forget to signal when you’re nearing your destination. After a few tries, your partner (if they haven't already) will learn to identify how your body responds when you are reaching climax and will be able to edge you more intuitively. 

Is edging dangerous? 

Nope. We know by now the supposed danger of blue balls is a big, bulging myth. There’s no risk involved in not having an orgasm, except, perhaps, the risk of disappointment. In fact, edging is a great way to start viewing sexual pleasure through a less goal-oriented lens as it normalises enjoying sexual stimulation without feeling the pressure to orgasm. 

Ultimately, edging is about prolonging your pleasure and connecting with your body. The potential for a mind-blowing orgasm at the end of it is just a sweetener.

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