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Welcome to LBDO

We create sexual wellness products that elevate your bedroom essentials.

Our mission is to break down taboos and stigmas around sex and pleasure by normalising the surrounding conversation. We believe good design is key to helping us achieve our mission. It’s important to us that our products are both beautiful and functional — that they’re considered both aesthetically and anatomically effective. Sexual wellness products that can be treated as art help in normalising the conversation. Products that are genuinely pleasurable help people to realise the importance of making time for things that feel good.

We're proudly Australian owned, female-founded and purpose-driven with our community guiding us through everything we do.

We were born out of a desire to appeal to the breadth of sexual expression.

We’re for the comfortable, curious and the confused; for those who are already confident and thriving with their sexuality and for those who have been searching for a brand that caters to their desires.

Ultimately, LBDO is a safe space — a community you can feel included by and can learn from, and a wider brand experience that’s as pleasurable as our products.

Well, LBDO is finally here! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Our values


Well this one's a bit of a given, huh? We believe every person should have access to pleasure.


Safety is not only integral to our physical brand, but to our community as a whole.


We understand that pleasure is different for everybody because every body is different.


Our products are considered both aesthetically and anatomically effective.

Self-love is true love

Sex education starts here