6 of Australia’s favourite fetishes

We’re a kinky bunch down under, as it turns out. Extrapolating data from Google trends, a 2021 study outed each country’s most-searched-for kinks, and without sounding like a clickbait article, Australia’s favourite fetishes may shock you! 

So what are Australians into, and what do these search terms mean? 

Wax play 

Wax play is a very popular search term for Aussies. As it suggests, wax play involves dripping candle wax on your partner (or self) to enhance sexual stimulation or gratification. Australians think wax is hot, and we totally agree - that’s why we created our popular Essensual Melt, a candle designed to melt down into a pool of sensual massage oil. If you’re interested in wax play, you can get one here. You’re welcome.


A classic as old as time. Or at least, the 60s. Swinging can be the act of engaging in group sex, or exchanging partners. Kind of what ‘Wife Swap’ sounds like it would be about, but as it turns out is not. Many people find swinging to be an exciting antidote to the monotony of monogamy, and hey, if everyone is down, we don’t see why not. 


Not to be confused with doggy style, Dogging’ is a colloquial term for performing sex acts in a public, or semi-public space. It can also include participating by virtue of watching these acts take place. Not always exactly legal, but that could just be part of the thrill. 


Edgeplay, strangulation, erotic asphyxiation - the choking fetish is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, and enjoyed by many. That being said, we beg you to do your research on choking and proceed with caution. Consent, safe words AND safe gestures are an absolute must. You can also try lightly pressing against your partner’s collarbone instead of the throat as a good precaution to minimise risk. 


Urolagnia may be a new word for some, but it is a favourite pastime for many. In fact, urolagnia is the most searched fetish in the country! But what is it? By definition, “a sexual activity involving arousal from urine or urination”. Yep, enough said. Australia loves water sports. 


While the Furry culture or fandom isn’t always explicitly sexual, (some people just like cosplaying as animals), it certainly can be. Furries are big in the fetish world - particularly in Australia it would seem. A Furry Fettish would entail having a sexual interest in an anthropomorphic creature - you know the suits - kind of half animal, half person. No judgement, whatever makes you howl. 

We find it fascinating to see what sexual inclinations we share on a national level. Were you surprised by any of Australia’s most searched fetish terms? 

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