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The 3 types of erection

March 06, 2023
The dictionary definition of ‘erection’ isn’t likely to surprise you. Generally it’s something like, “an enlarged and rigid state of the penis, typically in sexual excitement”. No crazy curveball...
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Speaking your partner’s love language

November 08, 2022
Gary Chapman’s bestselling book ‘The Five Love Languages’ (1982) outlines his theory that each person has a primary language through which they communicate and feel love. These five love language...
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Ten everyday aphrodisiacs

November 07, 2022
We’re all familiar with the quintessential aphrodisiacs; oysters, champagne, and strawberries – but what everyday foods, if any, stimulate our sexual vitality? Here’s a list of ten edible aphrodi...
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LBDO’s guide to postpartum sex

November 07, 2022
Pregnancy and childbirth are different for everyone. After welcoming your newborn, sex may well be the last thing on your mind. Or you might be keen to resume your regular sex life, particularly if...
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Aftercare and how to do it

October 05, 2022
After sex, do you ever feel vulnerable, emotional, unfulfilled or far away from your partner, even though they’re lying right next to you? Let’s talk about aftercare.  Aftercare is a term referrin...
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How to use your Essensual Vibe

August 22, 2022
Using Your Essensual Vibe Essensual Vibe is an external vibrator with targeted or broad stimulation to suit your preference. Designed in Australia and made with the highest quality Medical Gra...
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5 ways lube improves your ability to orgasm

August 19, 2022
Lube makes it 50 percent easier for people to orgasm. (Source: Indiana University's Centre for Sexual Health) The connotations of lube have moulded in many a lover’s mind over the decades. The gel...
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Understanding demisexuality

August 11, 2022
Though relatively new terminology and not yet widely known and understood, demisexuality is a sexual orientation that falls on the asexuality spectrum.  By definition, generally speaking, demis...
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