5 ways lube improves your ability to orgasm

Lube makes it 50 percent easier for people to orgasm. (Source: Indiana University's Centre for Sexual Health)

The connotations of lube have moulded in many a lover’s mind over the decades. The gel-like substance, once associated with dryness is fast becoming a staple in our sex lives, as we swap out saliva and coconut oil for premium water-based options. Let’s slip into key reasons why.



Teasing and pleasing go hand in hand when lube is involved. Using the substance to stimulate a partner’s erogenous zones and working slowly into penetrative sex, is a sensual way to incorporate the product into a frictionless love affair. 

Comfort is key

Vaginal dryness has a reputation for occurring later in life, however, up to 31 percent of female bodies experience some form of it regularly. The addition of lube combats friction, making penetrative sex smoother and more comfortable – optimal for a gratifying build up.

Sensory delight

Using lube to stimulate different erogenous zones can create an exciting sensory experience for you and your partner. Create new sensations by using lube behind the ears, neck and navel, heightening the chance of pleasure and strengthening the quality of intimacy.

Solo session

Lubing up doesn’t have to rely on the hands of our lover exclusively – dipping your own fingers into the pot, so to speak, and using it during masturbation will also heighten the sensation of pleasure, all from your own hand (or toy).

Safer sex

Using lube has been linked to less condom breakage due to the reduced friction and more controlled motion that it encourages. And due to its moisturising properties, lube also keeps skin from breaking or tearing.

Needless to say, the old adage rings true: safety is sexy.

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