A comprehensive guide to anal douching: quick clean vs deep clean (part 2)

In our comprehensive guide to anal douching, [part 1], we explored the colon structure, different types of douches and some pro tips to stay safe and make douching easier. 

Now we’ll deep dive into exactly how you douche, including the two key methods for cleaning: the quick clean and the deep clean. 

Step 1: Go poop my friend 

It sounds obvious, but get as much poop out as you can (without straining, which can cause haemorrhoids).

Step 2: Lube 


Lube in and around your hole, and get some lube onto the douche nozzle (especially the case with the enema bulb, Fleet enema and water bottle). You can easily tear the skin of the anus, which can result in an anal fissure. Fissures are extremely painful and can sometimes only be treated with surgery. 

Step 3: Insert the nozzle 

Gently insert the nozzle of your chosen douche. Use your sphincter muscles to gently open your anus and guide the nozzle in. If you have any pain or discomfort, remove the nozzle and get more lube. 

Step 4: The fast clean or deep clean? 

Here’s where the type of play or sex you’re having is really important: it determines whether you do the fast clean or deep clean. The fast clean is where the douche water cleans the rectum up to the sigmoid. The deep clean reaches the junction of the ascending-transverse colon. 

The fast clean 

The fast clean takes 15-30 minutes – perfect if you’re planning a quickie within a couple of hours. This is easier with the enema bulb, Fleet enema and water bottle, so that’s what we’ll focus on. 

Fill the douche with cold or lukewarm water (never hot). Insert the douche and squeeze gently until it’s empty. Remove the douche, wait five seconds and then expel the water into the toilet or shower. 

Repeat until the water runs clear AND there is no smell: usually at least five times. 

Beware: if you can't get the water to run clean, you probably breached the sigmoid and you’ll have to do a deep clean or postpone your anal play. 

The deep clean 

The deep clean takes between 30 minutes to two hours. Extended sessions and extreme play will require a deep clean. 

We’ll focus on the shower hose douche and enema bag: they’re much easier for a deep clean. The enema bulb, Fleet enema and water bottle douches do work for a deep clean, but you’ll need to use around five to six enema bulb douches before expelling the water in order to reach the upper areas of your colon. 

Firstly, remove the shower drain cover (thank us later). 

Gently turn the water on, ensuring the pressure is low and the water is lukewarm. Insert the lubed nozzle into your bum and relax.

After about 30 seconds, you’ll start to feel full and have cramps. It’s unpleasant but what you want – it means your body is trying to expel the water. 

Once full, try to hold the water for 30 seconds. It can help move things along if you massage your abdominal area or move your body. 

Expel the water and repeat until the water runs clear AND doesn’t smell. 

Step 5: Clean up 

Once your insides are clean, thoroughly wash yourself – not just your anus but also your cheeks, thighs, lower back, perineum, penis and testicles/vulva. 

If you’re expecting some anal tongue play, perform the finger test: run your finger around your rectum, cheeks, hole, taint etc. – then sniff. If it doesn’t smell great, wash again. 

Finally, always remember to take your time, know your limits and consult a doctor if you have any questions or experience any negative side effects. Don’t worry, they’ve seen it all.

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