The Talk

Three Steps to Breaking Your Dry Spell

July 20, 2021
If you’re single in 2021, it’s probably fair to say at some point over the last year you’ve experienced a bit of a dry spell. Unsurprisingly, you’re not alone. With endless lockdowns, closed club...
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Myths and Misunderstandings of Asexuality

June 28, 2021
Being asexual, or ‘ace’, means different things to different people. Broadly speaking, someone who’s asexual experiences little to no sexual attraction. There are, however, many ways within the Ac...
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A Beginner’s Guide to Intimacy

May 13, 2021
For many of us, there’s a curious ick factor that has long been associated with the word intimacy. In our younger years, it may have been adults on TV who used the word as a musty euphemism for se...
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A Brief History of Masturbation

May 12, 2021
We are living in an unprecedented era of sexual liberation; sex toys, masturbation, open conversations and unapologetic self-fulfillment. Or are we?
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Guided Self-Pleasure Session for Everybody

May 10, 2021
This is the perfect guided audio for you if you prefer no reference to specific genitals. This is a 'choose your own adventure' pleasure session so grab your vibrator or whatever else you'd like to...
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