Pillow Talk with Bridget Gao-Hollitt

Welcome to Pillow Talk, a series of chats with some of our favourite creatives, activists, artists and designers. We discuss everything from their experiences with sexual wellness to what’s on their nightstand.

For our very first instalment, we sat down with the smart, talented and ever-radiant Bridget Gao-Hollitt (@reversegaogurl). She’s a model, writer, storyteller, musician and actress, and due to star in the upcoming series Super Pumped, on Showtime.

Here’s a snippet of our chat.

What’s on your nightstand?

My nightstand currently has a lamp on it; a bunch of crystals and my LBDO essensual lube (an actual coincidence), some essential oil of oud, a necklace and an Orchard St dream drops tincture.

What’s the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

It really depends. Lately, I've been reading myself to sleep out loud. It's beautiful and makes loneliness seem more an abstract idea, not the tone of the room.

Ideal date idea?

Sitting in a bookshop cafe and talking shit.

How do you take care of your sexual wellness?

This is a fairly new priority for me! I have been trying to have an orgasm a day. A LOT of self massage all over my body. I try to use my own hands as much as possible, and use vibrators as an every-now-and-then treat. I try to remember to breathe. I do a lot to feel safe in my body, and to stay in touch with whether I feel safe with a partner or not. It's hard because it often feels like there are conflicting desires, which is why it's important to choose partners carefully, and communicate about that conflict. It's all a fairly new learning curve for me. The main thing is knowing my own boundaries with myself - how to communicate with myself, because then I can communicate them to others.

What’s something you wish you knew about sex when you were younger?

It is a beautiful practice of self love. There wasn't a lot of reverence for sex (with self or other) growing up. I see it more in the world of yoga or dance now - not sport.


Photography captured by @malymannn

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