What’s your sexual fantasy?

Picture this: it’s a crowded bar. The lighting is low. You’re hidden away in a corner. There’s a half-empty bottle of red in front of you, and a fire crackling off to your right. Your companion leans in close and asks, ‘What’s your sexual fantasy?’. 

You’re intimidated, coy. You bite your lip while you contemplate. You can’t think on your feet. You falter. The moment passes. 

Damn, right? Would have been hot. 

Amidst the chaos and rhythms of everyday life, we don’t often take the time to sit with and indulge in our fantasies. Sharing them can be intimate and sensual and savoring them on our own can be a seductive act of self-love. So, here’s the prompting you needed. What is your sexual fantasy? 

We asked some of our readers to share theirs, to get your imagination firing. 

Pip, Doctor 

So, my sexual fantasy is a bit cheeky, a bit…morally dubious. It’s where I am the other woman. In it, I’m upset about something, I don’t know what, but he notices and he’s like ‘Oh, are you okay?’ and then we have this big discussion and then it’s like, the reveal. He’s says, ‘I’ve been feeling all these things about you for a long time’. And I’m like, ‘But what about your girlfriend?’, and then he just kisses me anyway. And then, we have sex and it’s brilliant. 

It’s because I’m chronically in love with men who are in relationships. But I also think there’s excitement in the secrecy. And there’s excitement in the like, he wants me so bad that he’s willing to cheat. 

Amy, Teacher 

Mine is for sure group sex. I want us to be comfortable and I want it to be with people who look different to me. Obviously, the idea of having two guys is really nice because there’s that element of being double penetrated but, I feel like having group sex and just having so many bodies around you sounds like the most like full-body, hot experience ever. And with no rush. Like we’re just a lot of bodies together with a lot of time. 

Zoe, Journalist 

It’s always been the student/teacher thing for me. I had my first crush on a teacher when I was in Grade 4. When I was at uni it started to really feel like a possibility too and I was constantly daydreaming about my tutors. Like, booking a private consultation with them and fucking in their office. 

Claire, Consultant 

Whenever I’ve been asked this before by a partner, I never have a scenario or an ideal dream situation that I’m dying to see come to fruition. I usually freeze up. It’s a bit hard to admit because I consider myself to be quite a sexual person! I feel this part of myself is kind of underdeveloped. 

If I dig deep, my fantasy is totally not kinky or cheeky or naughty. It’s shutters on the pane-less windows left wide open to uninterrupted Mediterranean Sea views. Afternoon golden light and white crisp linen wrinkled from steamy, freshly showered skin and wet hair. It’s total adoration and desire and there’s no rush. A slow, slow, build up and delicious passion that is romantic and respectful and adoring. Yeah. Total, mutual adoration. 

Phoebe, Musician 

I’ve got many. I’ve got so fucking many. But I’m going to go with this one. 

I’m in New York. I am hot. I am wearing something that I feel so sexy in. I’m at a bar. Kat Edison is at the bar. And part of it is like this huge lead up in the bar. Like she’s over there and she’s looking over. I’m with my friends, but I can sense that she’s looking for so long in the night. Then at some point, maybe we both go to the bar at the same time, or I go, and she comes over, because she would. And then there’s like leg touching under the bar, that kind of thing. I’m always obsessed with leg touching. She is so flirty, but cool. Like you feel really safe. And then we just go back to her apartment and fuck. 

It’s many hours of watching her flirt with people on the show, The Bold Type, and that just doing something to me. It’s nice to daydream. 

Julia, Law Student 

I like the idea of having sex with someone I’ve been friends with for a long time. Just seeing what it would be like, how feeling that comfortable with people and it not feeling awkward would be? Just like, we’re doing something different together and we’re still just friends. Maybe that’s the fantasy of friends with benefits? I don’t know. 

Alex, Doctor 

Okay so, it’s like, being in a bathroom. Utilising urinals or like an open plan toilet situation. Locking eyes with a very handsome stranger next to me, continuing business, noticing like a prolonged stare and him making the first move because I’m like, ‘oh I don’t know’ and I don’t want to be provocative. And then it just kind of happens and it transitions into like an aggressive fuck in the bathroom or the stall. And then he goes first, and I go after, so it doesn’t look like we’re leaving the bathroom together. And it’s just a real anonymous fuck kind of scenario. 

Nancy, Nurse 

I’m into general sub/dom. Like relationship types where I’m the sub, and I get given lots of praise, words of encouragement, physical touch and just get taken care of. Being in a sub head space, I just relax because the other person just takes control and tells you what to do. 

Annie, Receptionist 

I think I just think about having normal sex. Just like with someone, you know, that I like. I think that’s just representative of the fact I’m in a drought. I’m not thinking that imaginatively. It’s not fantastical it’s just like, genuine. Just like, nice sex with someone that I love.

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