Pillow Talk with Monique Barton

What's on your nightstand?

So both of my bedside tables have zero drawers/storing compartments which has actually changed a lot for me. It means i've stopped storing nonsense clutter and I get to have all my sexy pleasure toys on display. I'm a sucker for mood lighting, so I've got my lamp on one side and a bunch of candles on the other side and then an alter of 6 sex toys of which are all mood dependant. There's also (at all times) a bottle of my LBDO Essensual Oil, it's quite literally the best product I've ever come across. I'm onto my fourth bottle. 

What's the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

If I'm not making out or having sex with my boyfriend, it's highly likely im self pleasuring. I like to close my eyes and do a body scan with my hands if I'm solo. I love feeling my skin and imagining it being another persons hand before I get all hot and heavy on the erogenous zones. If i'm not horny for sex or solo play, I'll read a little and fall asleep cuddling my dog!

Ideal date idea?

Ooo this is hard. I love a day adventure that leads into the night... I find myself soo attracted to a partner when I've gone on an adventure with them during the day, seeing them in the light, watching them enjoy the little things and having really great conversations. I find going straight into a night date, there can feel like a hidden agenda/pressure and most of the time you're drinking alcohol or indulging in food which can both hinder your sex drive. Don't get me wrong, I love a hot dinner date, but I'd choose a day adventure (either a little bush walk or beach day + picnic) and then some making out back at one of our houses, maybe a day time shower, sex. Then head out for dinner at the end of the day. Bliss.

How do you take care of your sexual wellness?

I feel like now, more than ever I'm so in tune with my body and I know that I've only gotten here by learning from what hasn't been working in the past. The biggest thing for me is communication. Whether that means checking in with myself and talking to my own desires and pleasure or communicating with my sexual partner. I don't really muck around anymore with asking for what you need and want. Not in a bossy way but in a "I know my body and I don't expect you to play guessing games and we both end up unsatisfied" kinda way. To me, it doesn't matter if your a one night stand or my boyfriend, from the very first sexual encounter i have with you, I'll check in to know what you need, like and desire, creating a safe space to not feel judged and then I'll open up about what i need too. When you set that base with someone, intimacy can only get better and you watch that flow into other areas of your relationship. 

What’s something you wish you knew about sex when you were younger?

Oh god, so many things...
  • It's nothing like porn
  • You don't have to fuck like a porn star
  • Faking orgasms doesn't help anyone
  • People who don't take their time on you aren't worth having sex with
  • Don't be afraid to masturbate in front of someone so they can better understand your body and its needs
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