Five long-distance date ideas

Long-distance relationships are more common now than ever. In fact, migration statistics show that Australians are bringing more than 50,000 foreign partners to the country every year. But how do you keep close romantically when geography is against you? We rounded up five of our favourite long-distance date ideas. 

1. Get gaming

In 2022, there’s a video game for everyone, including tons of free options. If you haven’t tried it before, consider gaming with your long-distance partner. It can be a fun way to try something new, work together on a shared goal, or roleplay in a fantasy world. In fact, it might actually help your relationship. In a 2020 survey, nearly 52% of 18-24 year olds said that gaming had a positive impact on their relationships.2 

Don’t know where to start? r/LongDistance, a community of over 600 thousand people in long-distance relationships, suggests Minecraft, Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve Together, and Monster Hunter: World as some great options for couples playing together online. 

2. Get sexty

You’d be surprised at how hot the written word can be. LBDO even has a guide for first-timers or those who may want a few tips.

Lots of apps also now have ‘disappearing text’ functionality, if you want to get dirty without leaving a trace. 

And hey, if texting isn’t your thing, remember they say a picture (or video, or audio note!) tells a thousand words. 

3. Learn together

There are a ton of resources available online to teach you new skills. Set a goal with your partner for something you both want to learn, like a new language or hobby. Learning a new skill together gives you something to look forward to and breaks the monotony of everyday conversations — plus, you’ve got a built-in study buddy. 


If this option sounds exciting to you, consider sites like Masterclass and SkillShare.

4. Double date

Long distance doesn’t have to mean that you don’t hang out with other couples. Maybe you know another long-distance couple (or just one that would just be open to a Zoom date). Try an activity that you would normally do with your partner, like enjoying a drink, sharing a meal, or even just chatting - and link in a few friends. 

In long-distance relationships, it can be easy to feel like your lives outside of each other are totally separate — so hanging out with other couples can be the perfect antidote. 

5. Video “chat”

While sexting and dirty talk can be fun, they might not fulfil all of your sexual desires. A mutual masturbation session (over the phone or a video chat) can be a great way to feel connected while enjoying your own body. Show each other what you would do - and like done to you - if you were in the same room. 

This can also serve as a great educator in getting to know exactly how your partner likes to be touched; valuable intel that you can apply when you next meet in person. 

Remember that your absence - and perhaps abstinence is only making your lust for each other grow fonder. Long distance is tough, no doubt, but by staying connected emotionally and physically, it’s far from a relationship death sentence.

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