Pillow Talk with Kayla Moon

Welcome to Pillow Talk, a series of chats with some of our favourite creatives, activists, artists and designers.

Kayla Moon is many things. A floral artist, creative entrepreneur, style icon, the founder of Naarm-based businesses Xxflos and Stay Soft Studio, and a beautiful friend of LBDO.

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with her for our fourth instalment of Pillow Talk, where she shared with us everything from her experiences with sexual wellness to what’s on her nightstand.

Here's a snippet of our chat.

What's on your nightstand?

I have two. One is fit with a red mushroom lamp that I adore - it's the last light I turn off and creates the most romantic lighting in my little cottage. The lamp is accompanied by flowers in a vase, I love having Gerberas or Iris, or whatever hot and in season. The other is a Hilary Green candle holder, more flowers and a collection of crystals that I keep on my bed in the day time. My toys sit neatly in the top drawer with various lubes, oils and my ganja tin.

What's the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

It depends, I'm not a very routine person. It depends on where I’m at in my cycle and what I’ve done that day. Options include, having a joint, listening to music, having a wank, deep breathing, watching reality tv scrolling the socials and chatting to friends on cute group texts/sending memes.
I love saying goodnight to my friends.

Ideal date idea?

For me this really depends on the person I’m seeing. I’m quite a chameleon in romance.
The dynamic between the lovers is key to finding the activity that works for the union. I love an afternoon spent playing in nature followed by food, wine and conversation.
I am lucky to live in a beautiful home near a river with an outdoor bath and a fireplace - so my bachelor pad is also a vibe.

How do you take care of your sexual wellness?

I live by my menstrual cycle which keeps me completely connected to my sexuality and body. I have the privilege of working for myself so I can schedule my life around the honouring of my body and where its at. This enables me to practice natural fertility which I have managed successfully for 4 years now.
With lovers and partners I am very open about my wants, needs and desires. I prioritise exploration, acceptance and play in deep connective spaces and tend to inspire confidence in those I choose to share pleasure with. I prioritise pleasure in every aspect of my life, I am a highly sensory being and place a lot of importance on enjoying the spectrum of my emotions. They are my main compass for living a rich and full life. No matter where my emotions are at, I value pleasure.

What’s something you wish you knew about sex when you were younger?

That your sex is for you.
It's not something that is acquired through somebody else.
You can share it, you can explore it with other consenting bodies.
But, it will always be yours. To hold and cherish.
It will change, evolve and be one of the most incredible journeys of your life.
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