A five step guide to getting off with your shower head

Nothing beats a hot shower with good water pressure - some say it’s better than sex. But what about both at the same time? 

If you’re curious about getting off with your shower head, but don’t know where to start - this is for you. Lock the bathroom door and join us for 5 steps to getting the best shower head head. 

  1. Pre-prep.

Before we start, you want to make sure you have the right gear. If you can pick up the shower head and answer it like a phone, you're good to go. If your shower head has different settings, fantastic. Try them all out, adjust the taps, see what's possible. If your humble head has only one setting, fear not. Unscrew the head to use only the hose. See how far that hose will reach, check if you can turn around, sit down, bend over and still have it where you want. 

  1. Soak it up.

Begin showering as you normally would, settle in. You want to feel clean, relaxed and in tune with your body. Tactically rinse the shower walls with hot water to warm them up before you lean against them. You don’t want to find that perfect angle only to smack your cheeks across stone cold tiles. 

  1. Bring to a simmer.

Don't blast too fast. Start out with a gentle setting, focus on getting water running over your erogenous zones. Breathe deeply. Follow the urge. Slowly make your way south. There's no rush - unless your hot water runs out quickly (God forbid). 

  1. Make waves.

Movement is a key part of partnered sex, and is just as important solo. Gently cock your wrist, or rock your own body back and forth to get into a rhythm with the water pressure. Although at times mindblowing, try not to fall into the trap of turning into a statue too early on. Work with the different settings, or if using the opening of the hose, use your thumb to cover it partially to play with pressure. You're the pilot here. 

  1. Wet, wet, wet

The stimulation, heat and intensity of the water can be overwhelming. But don't deny yourself a glorious finish. Push through the temptation to pull away. Bonus - be as messy as you want - you're in the shower. Some like it hot, some like it wet - we'll have it both ways here.

Has your appetite been whet? Over to you. 

It's time to take your relationship with your shower to the next level. It is also well worth investigating showers beyond your own home - seize the opportunity the next time you're away on holidays or visiting friends. It's like test-driving a new vibrator every time.

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