11 tips to get you in the mood when you’re feeling too tired to romp

Do you ever feel too lazy, full or tired to have sex? Maybe you’ve just finished dinner and are getting into bed and the last thing you want to do is jump around and thrust when your belly is full to the brim with fettuccini.

We’ve got 11 tips to get you in the mood when you’re feeling too tired to romp:

  1. Try dirty talk. Arousal starts in the mind so whispering fantasies into your partner's ear or asking them to talk dirty to you is a sure-fire way to build arousal and get you turned on.

  2. Don’t overcomplicate sex positions. Simple positions are just as intimate but require less effort.

  3. Use pleasure products. They can give you a head start and help you put in the energy you’re lacking. You can either use it solo, with or in front of a partner. Try our Essensual Vibe for partnered use.

  4. Watch ethical porn. When you’re too tired, often watching other people get it on will help to ignite that steamy fire in you.

  5. Watch your favourite cinematic sex scene. That moment that makes your heart racy and your hands sweaty, get it up on the screen again.

  6. Put on some sweet sultry tunes. This will help create a sensual mood. Follow our Spotify playlists to start listening.

  7. Use aphrodisiac scents. Either apply them to your wrist or in a diffuser; ginger, cinnamon, ginseng, sandalwood, bergamot, lavender are all aromas that can help trigger arousal.

  8. Put on something that makes you feel sexy. Silk or lace fabric lingerie will remind you of how confident you are.

  9. Have a hot shower. Take a moment to yourself to relax and get out of your mind and into your body. You may like to rub our Essensual Oil massage and body oil onto your naked body afterwards.

  10. Use your mind. Your mind is a powerful tool, so much so that your brain is your largest sexual organ. Think back to the last time you had sex and how satisfied you were after. Remind yourself that you’re investing in your intimate relationship.

  11. Schedule it in advance. While this may not seem as fun as spontaneous sex, knowing there's a specific time during the week that is dedicated to a moment of intimacy can help you mentally prepare.

Do you have any other tips we’ve missed? Send us an email at hello@lbdo.com.au

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