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Essensual De-Stress Bundle

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The perfect bundle to de-stress and calm the mind.

What's included:

1 x Essensual Vibe; colour of your choice ($149.95)

1 x Essensual Sync; 250g bath salts ($29.95)

1 x Essensual Melt; 120g massage candle ($34.95)

+ FREE Essensual Tote bag to store your products (valued at $24.95)

+ FREE express shipping in Aus

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“From one click on the website, you can instantly tell this brand is different from the others. Chic, thoughtfully curated and educational — it makes the whole experience something to enjoy rather than a rushed embarrassment at a supermarket checkout.”

Sex and your mental health

Sex and your mental health

At around 18 months into a global pandemic, the phrases ‘self care’ and ‘mental health’ had naturally worked their way into our everyday vernacular. After centuries of stigmatisation, taboo and shame,...

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Let’s talk about depression and sex

Let’s talk about depression and sex

Depression is a serious, often life-threatening condition that affects one in 16 Australians. While treatable, depression affects every part of the quality of one’s daily life, and the lives of...

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