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Essensual Bag

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Essensual Bag is the perfect storage bag to hold all your Essensuals, whether on the go or at home.

Material: Vegan leather 

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“From one click on the website, you can instantly tell this brand is different from the others. Chic, thoughtfully curated and educational — it makes the whole experience something to enjoy rather than a rushed embarrassment at a supermarket checkout.”

The rise of the situationship

The rise of the situationship

Are you sleeping together, but not together together?  In the ever-evolving landscape of modern dating, a term has emerged that pretty much perfectly captures the complexities and nuances of being...

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Let’s talk about edging

Let’s talk about edging

Edging. Ever heard of it? You most likely have - we’re always talking about the newest, greatest way to have bigger, better orgasms. Edging has been not-so-quietly doing the trick...

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